Felicity Edwards serving panettone, Christmas Day 2017

Felicity Nan Edwards aged 65 years, of Canmore, Albera, Canada, died suddenly Friday 5th January 2018.

Mourned by:
Hilary and David Brown, Tim and Aileen Edwards, Kerry Edwards and Chris Lewis
Nieces and nephews - Hannah, Andrew, Angharad, Alistair and Claire
and all the family circle.

Full obituary on Bow River Funeral Service

Photo taken Christmas Day, Dec 25, 2017. "The panettone was out of this world!"

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Felicity Edwards

The View From Here

Sitting at my desk in Canmore 10 years after the creation of a vision for Canmore, Mining the Future, I wonder about the legacy (if any) that remains. The intervening years presented the town with two major challenges – how to remain viable economically during a downturn (felt as a “softening” of house prices and a bankruptcy for one of the developers) and how to sustain the intentions of the vision, given these changes. Indeed for the first few years after Mining the Future came into being, many of the plans for implementation were carried out. Reasons for this could include the determination of the (then) Mayor and others in the Town’s administration to uphold the vision’s intentions, perhaps the consequence of the developer’s bankruptcy meant there was time to attend to matters other than land use and building quotas, and perhaps the raised expectations and capacity of the citizenry of Canmore ensured more robust engagement.

Immediate implementation activities have included, the School District’s future strategy “Inspiring Hearts and Minds” (an idea adopted with a reworked name by the Provincial government), the Town’s introduction of the Natural Step as a means for business to participate in an integrated conversation about their operations, the building of additional paths and trails to connect the far flung parts of the town and more information has been forthcoming from the Town to its citizens.

Since then, the times have changed and the consistent implementation has been interrupted. Change in Town’s government, the pressing need to rebuild the economic base has created an alternative set of conditions. This has manifested itself in less engagement with the citizenry on many issues, the re-creation of a gulf between weekenders and full time residents, and the relatively high cost of and high price of housing for staff and middle income families. Implementation continues where there is an understanding by the newly solvent developers that engaging citizens is a preferable way forward.

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