Felicity Edwards serving panettone, Christmas Day 2017

Felicity Nan Edwards aged 65 years, of Canmore, Albera, Canada, died suddenly Friday 5th January 2018.

Mourned by:
Hilary and David Brown, Tim and Aileen Edwards, Kerry Edwards and Chris Lewis
Nieces and nephews - Hannah, Andrew, Angharad, Alistair and Claire
and all the family circle.

Full obituary on Bow River Funeral Service

Photo taken Christmas Day, Dec 25, 2017. "The panettone was out of this world!"

Felicity Edwards


  • Difficult People or Difficult Situations
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    Presentation to the Canadian Progress Club National Convention

  • I wouldn’t start from here ...
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    Facing future uncertainties and complexities sooner rather than later will likely make life more understandable for most people and improve our chances to make it to the 22nd Century. Using Mining the Future as a real world example this paper attends to the necessary (but perhaps not sufficient ) conditions to address the vagaries of these uncertainties. It is the first part of a three part effort – part 2 being the underlying concepts and part 3 being a handbook for undertaking the work.

  • Engaging People in Meaningful Problem Solving ~ Conservation Biology (Volume 27, No. 2, 2013)
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    As the field of conservation biology grows, broadens, and matures, there is increasing understanding that people are at the heart of conservation. Although science is necessary, it is not sufficient to solve today’s problems. Even though countless books and papers have been written on collaboration, negotiation, consensus building, and dialogue, people really do not seem to know how to talk to one another.

  • How do we have a say in our own futures? Mining the Future – a case study
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    Growing complexity in issues today means they often cannot be solved by a single agency or group acting alone. This paper is not about bears, communities or resource development, but it is in an opportunity to discuss joint problem solving, (Clark 2002) collaborative engagement and the future of a community in Western Canada.

  • Of Bears, Chess, and Checkers; Moving Away from Pure Science to Solve Problems ~ by Michael L. Gibeau
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    Wildlife biologists who promote conservation tend to share a certain frame of reference. Most of us got into the wildlife business because of our love of nature and animals. That’s what led me to my long career of working with grizzly bears in Canada’s Banff National Park. But something changed during my career that has fundamentally rearranged the way I think — not just about biology, or bears, but about almost everything I do in my life. I’ve come to understand a more comprehensive way to solve problems. By sharing it, I hope to provide an alternative to the way fellow biologists approach problem solving.

  • Guiding Principles of Decision Making Process
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    Consensus processes are participant determined and driven - that is their very essence. No single approach will work for each situation - because of the issues involved, the respective interests and the surrounding circumstances. Experience points to certain characteristics which are fundamental to consensus - these are referred to as the guiding principles.

  • Moving Forward; "Future of the North Peace Region" Scenarios Report
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    A 2010 Research Study on the social and economic impacts of the energy industry in the North Peace region has led to a decision to Move Forward with an implementation plan. Two workshops with leaders from the region have been held to begin that process. The second workshop focused on the process to develop a vision for the region. This began with the creation of a list of 12 forces will drive, shape and influence the region’s future.

  • Inspiring hearts and minds; Strategy for the future of public education in the Bow Valley
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    Canadian Rockies Public Schools (CRPS) Futures Planning was an information and idea gathering process. This process identified community values, education trends and forces of change affecting education and so determined key directions for the future of public education in the Bow Valley.
    The outcome of the Futures Planning process informed future CRPS strategic planning and decision making; leading to actions that support student learning over the short and long term.
    The design of the Futures Planning process provided deep learning opportunities for both CRPS and for education stakeholders and members of the public who engaged in a meaningful way.

  • Mining the future; A vision for Canmore
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    How do we decide what kind of community Canmore will be in the future when we don’t know what sort of society we will be living in?
    Canmore does not function in isolation. It is part of a global network ecologically, socially and economically. These sorts of questions don’t lend themselves to traditional analysis.
    We have called it Mining the Future.


  • Why are people so important in Grizzly Bear Conservation?
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    Calls for better problem solving in natural resource conservation and management are being made in many different arenas. This is often motivated by the increase in the complexity of the issues themselves. Dealing with these complexities needs a more comprehensive process which includes a wide range of interested people who are willing to engage in identifying and solving the problems.

  • I wouldn't start from here; Some lessons from the real world of wildlife Conservation
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  • Guiding principles of conflict management processes
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  • Consensus vs. Consultation
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